An original EVJF / EVG activity in Annecy: discover our Cocktail Workshops!

Are you looking for an original and different activity for an EVJF or EVG in Annecy? Check out our Cocktail Workshops!


We’ll teach you a few Mixology tricks, but above all, you’ll be challenging your friends to a fierce competition!


We welcome you every Saturday in a warm and friendly setting right in the centre of Annecy.


You can book your slot now on Calendly!

Actualités le Mixologiste

How does it work?

When you arrive, you’ll be treated to a welcome cocktail: the perfect opportunity to relax before the competition begins!


1. Introduction to Mixology

Our Mixologist trainer will give you a quick theory lesson on Mixology, but this part is crucial! Listen carefully as he explains the techniques for creating the perfect cocktail. Now’s the time to take notes, because this knowledge will come in handy during the final competition!


2. Practical workshop: making L’Amour Épicé

Get to grips with the various utensils – shaker, measuring jug, bar spoon – and set about making our signature cocktail “l’Amour Épicé”.

Our training Mixologist will guide you step by step, to prepare you for the challenges ahead!

3. Creation workshop: the quest for the perfect cocktail for the bride-to-be

At last, the competition can begin! Now that you’ve familiarised yourselves with the utensils, it’s your turn to create! Here, the star is the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be!

Each of you will have to create a personalised cocktail for the star of the day, using the ingredients provided: spirits, liqueurs, creams, syrups, sodas, juices, spices, herbs…

Let your imagination run wild, and above all, take their preferences into account, because it’s they who will judge the best cocktail!

Activités orginales propsosées par le Micologist en région Rhône-Alpes et Suisse Romande

4. Final competition: Bride & Groom VS The Rest of the World


The final competition has finally arrived! The groom and the best man join forces to take on the rest of the world in a mixology quiz! It’s a quiz that will test your knowledge and your memory. The fastest group offers a shooter (prepared in advance by us) to the other team.

A final challenge to prove who holds the ultimate title of cocktail master!

Practical info


In a rental space in the centre of Annecy (Chez Ingalls, El Pueblo or l’Hôtel des Alpes).

We can also work at your home or on Airbnb-type rental premises.



Saturdays from 11am to 6pm.


*How long does the workshop last?

Approximately 1h30


*How many participants?

From 8 to 30 people


*Price ?

65 € per person

For groups of less than 8 people, the fixed price is €520 incl. VAT / group.

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