Have you ever wondered how a simple passion for cocktails and a propensity for debauchery could turn into a successful business?


“Drink less, but drink better”.

The team

Le Mixologiste came into being in 2015 thanks to the bold vision of its founder, Anthony Deloche.


Anthony has been working in the bar business since the law allowed him to. Failed studies in Management obviously pushed Anthony towards the underbelly of the nightlife world… After a lame experience in Annecy as a Barman, Anthony flew to the vices and notorious alcoholism of the city of London.


In London, probably due to a bureaucratic error, Anthony found himself promoted to Head Barman of the Cocktail Bar at the resort hotel ‘The Sopwell House ****’. Calamitous management and impulsive customer contact cut short his British experience. In his downfall, Mr Deloche ended up in Brussels in a place that suited him particularly well: the Hard Rock Café. Anthony was able to sink into debauchery and incompetence while listening to rock’n’roll.


After years of vices and alcoholism, Anthony ended his collapse in his native Annecy. It was while watching a report on home chefs that he had the idea of offering the same type of service, but with a mobile bar and cocktails.


Since then, Monsieur Deloche and his team of enthusiasts have been committed to offering you original and delicious services!

Anthony Deloche, fondateur de l'entreprise le Mixologiste à Annecy

Emma joined the Mixologist family in 2022. Rumour has it that she is as naturally grumpy as she is talented.


Originally from Toulouse, Emma began her career at law school, where she excelled in the art of deciphering the law.


However, an experience in a Corsican bar proved to be her undoing: no more law studies, and hello to the world of debauchery. Some would say it was a change of vocabulary, others a career change.


Emma continued her career as a barmaid in a Savoyard restaurant. There she discovered génépi and a very particular language that even Google Translate would have trouble deciphering.


Emma then spent all her savings on a Mixology course abroad. Negroni all over the place, flair moves that weren’t exactly successful, and free-pour that left a lot to be desired.


A lover of junk food and cheap drinks, she is now a cornerstone of the company. As the manager’s right-hand woman, she’ll cater for your most downmarket events with cocktails worthy of the biggest failing bars in your region.

Emma - Le Mixologiste

Oliver grew up in Lebanon, where his dreams were bigger than his ability to remember the names of sophisticated cocktails.


He dreamed of becoming a Hollywood actor, then a great film director. But let’s face it, his best performances so far have been behind the bar.


After a school career as chaotic as an evening in a crowded bar, Oliver finally realised that his talents were better suited to shaking cocktails than directing epic scenes.


He began his career as a barman in a Lebanese beach restaurant. Using threats and coercion, Oliver managed to land the job of Manager and Bar Manager at The Tipplers, a renowned mobile bar company in Lebanon.


Juggling events had become his speciality, but juggling his own sense of seriousness was another matter.


Because of his total lack of professionalism and sloppy people skills, The Mixologist kindly opened its doors to him in 2023 to offer him a brighter future.


So his Hollywood dreams went into early retirement, but his cocktails are now stars in their own right.

Olivier - Le Mixologiste

Our commitment to the environment

Passionate and committed. As part of our business, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. So here are the measures we have put in place since 2015 as part of this approach.

Zero plastic
Zero waste
Zero CO2 emissions

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